He knows My Name -Dev 2024 Women

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The greatest longing within us is to know we are seen, known and loved.

Seen, among the myriad millions.Seen, beneath the layers and labels. Known, by name, known by heart. Loved just as we are. Loved because we are.

Seen, Known and Loved by the One who formed and shaped us in our mother's womb - by the One who calls us by our name.

The deepest longing within His heart is for us to seek, follow, and obey. Seek Him first. Seek Him foremost.

Follow Him and know the sound of His voice. Follow Him moment by moment. Obey with joy and gladness. Obey with an even deeper trust.

Within these pages you will find a quiet place to come aside and worship. And in the stillness listen for Him to whisper your name. You are seen, known, and loved - by Him.


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